Helsinki – Finland

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Find an appartement

I WOULD SAY : GOOD LUCK It is really COMPLICATED to find a rental apartment in Sweden (it is not a joke). But everything is possible! Before I moved to Sweden, I read a lot about how complicated it is and I was not convince.. How hard can it be.. Well, when I arrived...
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Norway, this country is similar to Sweden but different at the same time (logical? yes I know! ° I visited Norway 2 times, the first time was to celebrate the 17th of May. It is BIG deal there, it is the national day and also an official read day. They have a special...
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Russia – St petersburg

I have done a little trip in Russia in 2015 and I went with OPEN RUSSIA. It is cheap and it is really good to go with a guide in Russia because otherwise I will not be able to see everything I did I think.. and they don’t speak English, so it is a little bit more...
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France – North west

I come from the western part of France, close to Nantes and the ocean where I grew up. I lived 2 years in Rennes, and 1 year in Lyon and a couple of months in Grenoble. Lyon is so far the best city in France to me. It is really beautiful, you are close to the Alpes...
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Travel lover


My name is Victoria. I am a French girl living in Sweden since 2015.

About me

  • Why did you move to Sweden? I was not able to speak Swedish at this time and I am super adventurous, so why not?
  • How old are you? I am 24 years old.
  • Where do you come from? Nantes – France
  • Where do you currently live? Linköping – Sweden
  • Do you share your life with someone? YES, I do! A Swedish man!
  • What is your job? I am working as a Marketing Coordinator for a Swedish Company selling Gaming products but I also have my own consultancy firm especially for startups in Marketing & Graphic Design.
  • What are your hobbies? I love horses (I actually still have horses in France) I have been riding for 20 years now, I also ride once per week in Sweden. My mum is an artist and I have been also painting a lot and as I am really adventurous, TRAVEL!
  • Which languages do you speak? I speak French, English and Swedish.
  • Funny fact, even if I travel A LOT, I am still not comfortable with flying. But it is getting better though’