La brioche chinois


Pour la pâte :

  • 25gr de levure boulanger
  • 50gr de beurre
  • 30cl de lait
  • 50gr de sucre
  • une pincée de sel
  • 480gr de farine

Pour la garniture :

  • 35cl de lait
  • 4 jaunes d’oeufs
  • 40gr de Maizena
  • 100gr de sucre
  • De la vanille
  • Des pépites de chocolat

Pour la dorure :

  • un jaune d’oeuf

Recette :

Étape ONE : 

  1. Émiettez la levure dans un bol
  2. Faites fondre le beurre dans une casserole ou dans un bol au micro-ondes à pleine puissance (max. 800 W) pendant environ 30 secondes. 
  3. Faite tiédir le lait à 37 ° C. 
  4. Verser délicatement un petit peu du lait tiède sur la levure, mélanger jusqu’a dissolution, puis ajouter le reste du lait
  5. Incorporer le beurre fondu, mélanger
  6. Incorporer le sucre, la farine et le sel 
  7. Commencer à travailler délicatement la pâte jusqu’à l’obtention d’une boule qui ne colle pas. 
  8. Laisser reposer 30 mins dans un endroit chaud avec un linge sur le bol

Étape TWO : 

  1. Ajouter dans une casserole le lait et la vanille à feu doux
  2. Pendant que la vanille infuse, battre les jaunes, le sucre et la maizena
  3. Lorsque le lait frémit, couper le feu, ajouter le lait sur le mélange oeufs/sucre/maizena
  4. Ajouter le tout dans la casserole à feu doux et mélanger jusqu’á ce que la crème épaississe
  5. Laisser reposer 1h

Étape THREE:

  1. Préchauffer votre four à 180
  2. Sur votre plan de travail fariné, étalez la pâte à l’aide d’un rouleau à pâtisserie. Vous devez obtenir un rectangle d’env. 50x50cm !
  3. Réserver un rond pour le fond de votre moule, et y ajouter un petit peu de crème pâtissière
  4. Badigeonnez ensuite le reste de la pâte avec la crème pâtissière et de pépites de chocolat
  5. Roulez ensuite votre pâte comme une grosse crêpe 
  6. Coupez en tranches de la même épaisseur (env. 3 cms)
  7. Vous pouvez ensuite dorer à l’aide d’un jaune d’oeuf
  8. Laissez reposer 30 min
  9. Enfourner 25 à 30 min à 180
Nudity & Swedish people

Nudity & Swedish people

Today is a really really funny article that I am going to write, I still laugh about it!

When I arrive to Sweden, I had no idea how Swedish people are! It was actually really interesting to discover everything! But I want to explain you the first time I went to the Swimming pool!

So, I went to the public swimming pool, I did not expect that this story will follow me a long time. I assume that ALL the public pools in the world have private booth to change! but hey, you discover new things everyday. My boyfriend told me that it was separate changing room and we meet on the other side. Yes that’s fine I thought. I enter and I discover that it was a big room and every one was naked, I was a bit confused – looking after my private booth, I look around – NOTHING. And then I realised, that everyone is naked – take a shower – and after put the bikini on. And it is FINE.

Well, fine, fine, I don’t know! I was absolutely not prepared for that, I took a deep breath and I changed, hiding my body the best I could, take my shower WITH my bikini (ahah I am still French, don’t worry!) and I met my boy friend outside, he instantly saw at my face that something was wrong and he was wondering why it took me 20 minutes to change! I explain him all my story and I saw all these naked women, and I was still looking for my private booth!

He laughed a lot. After almost 3 years, I am still a bit uncomfortable and now I have a trick! I put my bikini before we arrived! Ahaha.

Swedish people are not prude at all. A body is a body. In France, we learn super young that this is your body and you have to keep it secrete, we have our private booth at the pool, and I had never seen this before! It is super interesting to see the difference between 2 countries that are not so far away, but still so different!

PS. I still did not go naked to the sauna with friends! I will keep my bikini for now! 🙂

France – Lyon

France – Lyon

Lyon is a wonderful city! One of my favorite in France to be honest.

Lyon is located in the south east of France. Buildings and architecture are wonderful, the city is peaceful!

You definitely should visit this:

  • Le parc de la tête d’or. This parc is WONDERFUL. It has even animals inside, it is huge and it has so much to see! As I lived not so far away from this parc, I enjoyed so much to just relax and spend afternoons there. It is super peacefull
  • Musée Confluence: Wonderful museum
  • Les quais de Lyon.
  • Vieux Lyon and “les traboules”: The old city has so many small streets but also between the buildings, you are able to cross one street to another inside building. It is really impressive – you need to know a little bit Lyon to find it 🙂
  • Fourvière. Wonderful basilica with a special feeling inside. Worth to visit and you have a wonderful view from all the city.
  • Place Bellecour.

Don’t forget to try L’institut Paul bocuse. It is a restaurant where students practise to become chef! It is one of the best experience in my life foodwise! BUT you need to book at least 2 months in advance!


Is Sweden an expansive country?

Is Sweden an expansive country?

Before I move to Sweden, I heard a lot of things about “Sweden is an expansive country”.

The answer to this question is “IT DEPENDS”.

  • Haircut: min. 60€ long hair for a girl – 45€ short cut for boys
  • Restaurant for lunch 10€ for one person
  • Restaurant for dinner 30€ for one person
  • Beer at the bar (50cl) 8€
  • Clothes/fashion: same as France
  • Grocery store: 80€ for 2 people for a week
  • Cinema: 16€

Services are more expansive than France, especially for hair dressers. The reason is that they have taxes and they need to have of course everything is counted by hourly rate.

Salaries are higher than in France, that’s why the life does not seem as expensive as it is.

Buy Alcohol in Sweden

Buy Alcohol in Sweden

This article may seem strange but it is actually a different system than in France.

Sweden has a clever way to sell alcohol, it is controlled by the government. The only way to get alcohol is to go to a shop called “Systembolaget” (and you need to be +20yo) where you find only alcohol. You will pay around 20€ for a good bottle of wine and 30€ for a normal bottle of vodka.

Why is Alcohol only sold there? The reason is the control. The government knows how much Swedish people consume alcohol and it is high taxes on it. If one day, the consumption is higher, the prices will increase. Thanks to this, the cost of buying alcohol does not encourage people to drink a lot.

The pourcentage of alcohol addicted is way lower than in France for example.