Road trip – Morocco

Road trip – Morocco


Beginning of 2015, I did a pretty awesome trip! I went 2 weeks in my Morocco with a… OLD 4L!

For those who have no idea what it looks like, I will show you:

So, the concept is that students from Europe travel to Morocco and bring humanitarian ressources (books, food..) for children and the goal is to drive there ONLY with a old 4L. It’s pretty big because we were about 1500 cars to start this adventure (and it is 2 people per car)

Here is the itinerary we have done:

It was pretty amazing to sleep in a tent in the middle of nowhere, or ride a camel in the desert!

My best memories:

  • Merzouga and the camel Ride
  • The “zouk” (market) in Marrakesh
  • Swim in a lake in Essaouira
  • Stop in the desert, with NO ONE around and 5 mins later, someone arrives on a little bike. I still wonder where does he come from.
  • Eat couscous or tagine EVERY DAY. It is a special dish from Morocco with some couscous, chicken, sausages, vegetables and sauce.
Pictures are better than words, so I let you travel with me…


Greece – Crete (western part)

Greece – Crete (western part)

Let’s discover Greece!

We did not know where to go and as the winter is really cold and dark in Sweden, we decided to choose a warm country! (Good for me – My swedish partner in crime thought it was too warm). This destination is not so expensive and not so far away, so a really good compromise. We landed in Chania and stayed in an hotel closed by. You may also choose to stay all day at the beach, but it is not my type of things!

  • When? August 2017
  • How long? 11 days
  • Accommodation? Hermès appartement – Stalos
  • Car? Yes! for 6 days!
Day 1&2: Stalos – Chania / we spent 2 days just to chill at the hotel and at the beach! We ate delicious food, I have to say that Greek food is one of the best! I really really love it! It is better than French food (I did not say it so loud) We also took the bus into Chania center – we had a walk there, it was really hot and lots of tourists! Be aware of that during August Day 3: Balos – Falassarna / it was my birthday! We pick up the car and drove to Balos! it was FANTASTIC! it is like a paradise! We took the car there and it is around 15kms of drive in the mountain with a really shitty road! Check with your rental company if you are allowed to go there, because sometimes it is forbidden! When you arrived on the top of the mountain, you have to walk maybe 20 mins, and it was really hot (40°C)! It was tough to go there but the view is priceless! You can also choose to go to Kissamos and take a boat there! I would recommend you to do this option!  We also visited Falassarna Beach! Really cool too but it was lots of tourists! Day 4: Kourtaliotiko Gorge – Preveli beach – Lake Kourna / We woke up early to drive down to Preveli beach with a stop at Kourtaliotiko Gorge! It is super impressive, massive mountains! This is the “must to see” in the western Crete!
Day 5: Elafonissi. THE BEST, super impressive beach! Full with tourists but it was amazing, it was the best day, the water was crystal and you could see so many cool fishes, the beach is pink so it is really unusual. Bring a cooling bag with sandwiches and enjoy yourself there! Day 6: we stayed around Chania and just drove around, stop by nice beaches! Day 7: Kissamos and the surrounding / we found nice places to go snorkelling! Kissamos is not so touristic so it was really good place to snorkel and we had a a typical Sea food tavern! Amazing! Day 8: Chania /We did a Boat trip with Captain Nike! Well, this was also super touristic and long so I would not recommend it! It is fun but it is too long and too much people! I was a bit bored and feeling a bit seasick! You go around 2 small islands and they show you the “kri-kri goat” and then you stop an hour to a tinny island to snorkel! Yeah it was fine but don’t worth the price! I would prefer stay one more day at Elafonissi for example. Day 9/10: Beach – Chill around Stalos and Chania
Good to know.

  • Renting a car is not expensive and it is highly recommended. You will see so much more than staying at the beach close to your hotel.
  • Greece is really touristic and really warm in August. I would recommend to visit it during May-June and September-October
  • We decided to not go to Samara Gorge due to the weather, it would have been too hot.
  • Chania is a good place if you want to drive around and visit as much as you can! But I would also recommend to go to Kissamos because it is cheaper with less tourists.
  • Link to the video:

If you would like advise on restaurants, you can just comment this post

Usa – Chicago & Grand Rapids

Usa – Chicago & Grand Rapids


Today it is an article about USA… it has been a dream to go there, the American dream! USA has a special place in my heart, and my trip was better than my expectations.

So, first of all, it was a business trip! Nothing for fun, but I always have a good time when I travel.
So we had around 17hours travel time (3 different planes), I was super excited to arrive… and EVERYTHING IS SO DIFFERENT THAN EUROPE!
Cars are HUGE, food too though’! but I instantly got surprised by the politeness of people! I live in Sweden and the first rule is to NOT talk to your neighbour, but in America, everyone is so happy, saying Hello even in the street! I was really surprised!


we stayed at the Amway grand plaza. Really good hotel, located in Grand Rapids down town! The gym and the pool were amazing! I definitely recommend it!

* The green well: American food, good restaurant, people were nice! I had a special Schnitzel from Michigan, I was really satisfied
* Five guys: you need to try one time in your life! Fast food, delicious fat burgers!
* Maru Sushi: As a sushi lover, this place was extremely good! The unique point is that it’s original sushi compare to Europe
* Sushi Yama: Basement place, you need to know where it is to go there, but really good sushi for a Lunch
* Hop cat: Bar-food place, we had a.. burger! The fries are delicious!
* Downtown Market: Place where you can find lots of different restaurants! We tried the BBQ place called Slows bar BQ! You choose which kind of meat and how much you would like and they serve it on a tray! The fries were amazing too
* Founders: Brewery and Sandwiches place, you have to try the beers! I LOVED it and I am not a beer girl!


Unfortunately, museums and zoos were closed for the week! So I did not experienced so much in Grand Rapids. But we went for a Hockey Match and this is a “must to do”!
We also visited Grand Haven after a day at work, we went to Rosy Mound (natural park/Dune) and then to the Harbor! A lovely city!

Funny story
As a typical European, I have no ideaaaa how to tip! So at the beginning of my trip, I gave a lot to Starbucks for example! I made their days I think! Luckily, my American friends explained me, now everything is alright! But it’s a strange way to do!
It was during Halloween time, Americans don’t laugh with Halloween, it is pretty serious. Shop only for Halloween decorations, Houses full with spiders and pumpkins, as I said earlier, everything is HUGE!



I spent only a day there, I went by train and it was also an amazing experience!
The trains are so spacious and comfortable! I wish we would have it in Europe! but they are so slow.. Yeah! Like 50km per hour… mamamiaaaa! But it is a great place to talk and get to know your neighbour! As I said earlier, people are much more opened and talkative than in Sweden! So I met really nice people (they will recognize themselves if they read this article)

I decided to not take any taxi, subway to walk and discover the city as much as possible! Well done, but I walked almost 20km during a day, I was pretty tired at the end of it!

 Sky desk: 412 METERS HIGH, it is SO impressive! I was a bit scared actually, but it is SO cool
Art of institute Chicago: One of the best museums I ever did actually! It was super nice art, the building is so beautiful, you have diversity and it is not boring at all! I learned a lot and discovered so many beautiful things!
– Millenium park with the “bean”
– Walk through the city and reach the Navy Pier and then came back up to the Aquarium. It was a peaceful and sunny walk! I loved it
– Shopping time
– I tried a pokébowl at Poke Poké: WAHOU, so tasty! Super healthy and really really good!

America, I will definitely come back! 

The Lagom life

The Lagom life


It is trendy, everyone is talking about it but what does really mean LAGOM?

Lagom in Swedish means “not too much – not too little”. I still have issue to actually use it but it doesn’t talk to me. So for example, if someone asks me ” how much coffee do you want? ” – I may answer ” LAGOM “. (A Swed is super polite, so he doesn’t want to say I want 2 liter of coffee please. It is more up to you, what you would like to serve me > this is my interpretation). 

LAGOM is actually a word to resume the Swedish life.

Let’s deep a little bit more into this concept. It is not a concept actually, it is a WAY OF LIFE.

  1. Have a balance in your life. The life conditions are amazing in Sweden and it’s EXTREMELY important to spend time with your family and your hobbies.
  2. Do what you want and do not care about what others think about you or your choices.
  3. Respect others. It is really important to not interfere or disrespect something.
  4. Enjoy what you have. You don’t need more than what you need. (I love this sentence!) But it’s true, why would you spend 700€ in a TV if you already have 3 at home?