This little number is how you will survive in Sweden.

But What is a Personal Number? The personnal number is your social security number. When you actually get it, it is FOREVER.

With this number, you will also be able to :

  1. Pay taxes
  2. Get a subscription for a phone
  3. Queue for an apartment (More info there how to get an appartement?)
  4. Have Swish
  5. Visit social cares
  6. Have a bank account (check here how)
  7. Have fidelity cards
  8. . You will be a Swedish Resident (if you come from Europe)

To get it, you have 2 options: You are studying or working more than a year in Sweden.

When you have a one year contract or a certificate from the University, you can go to Skatteverket and they will help you with all papers you have to give