Every single thing is so different compare to France.

First of all, to me, French culture is full with criticsm, complains but also irrespect. We were having a dinner over French friends and someone asked “What will you risk if you don’t respect a red light?” all the French people answered “4 points on my driving licence! ” – The only swedish one answered ” I will risk my life or someone else life”. That resumes extremely good the difference between the 2 cultures.

Swedish people are VERY respectful. If there is a rules, there is a reason and I am going to respect it. You are not going to cross the road if it is a red light, even if there are no cars! You are not going to try to cut the queue, because it is not respectful. They respect everything but also your private space. If you wait for the bus, you may have one or two meters between every one.

Everyone does his own life, no one cares about what you are doing and no one will EVER judge you. Lots of people have colorful hair (purple, rainbow, green, blue, pink…) and no one will judge it!

Sweden is extremely equal when it comes to Women rights. The stereotype of “women in the kitchen” does not exist and it has really bad reputation! Compare to France where it is still present (even if it is becoming better), it has been a pretty huge change for me!

The respect, no judgment way of life brings also some downsides to the culture. I am really talkative as I already mentionned and it has been tricky at the beginning to get contact with Swedish people. Because they actually don’t really want to open or be your friend. At the beginning of my first work, every one was so friendly but it took a couple of weeks before they asked me to do something with them. So it can be difficult to find real friends. But when you actually do, it is for life.