France – Lyon

France – Lyon

Lyon is a wonderful city! One of my favorite in France to be honest.

Lyon is located in the south east of France. Buildings and architecture are wonderful, the city is peaceful!

You definitely should visit this:

  • Le parc de la tête d’or. This parc is WONDERFUL. It has even animals inside, it is huge and it has so much to see! As I lived not so far away from this parc, I enjoyed so much to just relax and spend afternoons there. It is super peacefull
  • Musée Confluence: Wonderful museum
  • Les quais de Lyon.
  • Vieux Lyon and “les traboules”: The old city has so many small streets but also between the buildings, you are able to cross one street to another inside building. It is really impressive – you need to know a little bit Lyon to find it 🙂
  • Fourvière. Wonderful basilica with a special feeling inside. Worth to visit and you have a wonderful view from all the city.
  • Place Bellecour.

Don’t forget to try L’institut Paul bocuse. It is a restaurant where students practise to become chef! It is one of the best experience in my life foodwise! BUT you need to book at least 2 months in advance!


Is Sweden an expansive country?

Is Sweden an expansive country?

Before I move to Sweden, I heard a lot of things about “Sweden is an expansive country”.

The answer to this question is “IT DEPENDS”.

  • Haircut: min. 60€ long hair for a girl – 45€ short cut for boys
  • Restaurant for lunch 10€ for one person
  • Restaurant for dinner 30€ for one person
  • Beer at the bar (50cl) 8€
  • Clothes/fashion: same as France
  • Grocery store: 80€ for 2 people for a week
  • Cinema: 16€

Services are more expansive than France, especially for hair dressers. The reason is that they have taxes and they need to have of course everything is counted by hourly rate.

Salaries are higher than in France, that’s why the life does not seem as expensive as it is.

Buy Alcohol in Sweden

Buy Alcohol in Sweden

This article may seem strange but it is actually a different system than in France.

Sweden has a clever way to sell alcohol, it is controlled by the government. The only way to get alcohol is to go to a shop called “Systembolaget” (and you need to be +20yo) where you find only alcohol. You will pay around 20€ for a good bottle of wine and 30€ for a normal bottle of vodka.

Why is Alcohol only sold there? The reason is the control. The government knows how much Swedish people consume alcohol and it is high taxes on it. If one day, the consumption is higher, the prices will increase. Thanks to this, the cost of buying alcohol does not encourage people to drink a lot.

The pourcentage of alcohol addicted is way lower than in France for example.