The Lagom life

The Lagom life


It is trendy, everyone is talking about it but what does really mean LAGOM?

Lagom in Swedish means “not too much – not too little”. I still have issue to actually use it but it doesn’t talk to me. So for example, if someone asks me ” how much coffee do you want? ” – I may answer ” LAGOM “. (A Swed is super polite, so he doesn’t want to say I want 2 liter of coffee please. It is more up to you, what you would like to serve me > this is my interpretation). 

LAGOM is actually a word to resume the Swedish life.

Let’s deep a little bit more into this concept. It is not a concept actually, it is a WAY OF LIFE.

  1. Have a balance in your life. The life conditions are amazing in Sweden and it’s EXTREMELY important to spend time with your family and your hobbies.
  2. Do what you want and do not care about what others think about you or your choices.
  3. Respect others. It is really important to not interfere or disrespect something.
  4. Enjoy what you have. You don’t need more than what you need. (I love this sentence!) But it’s true, why would you spend 700€ in a TV if you already have 3 at home?