Road trip – Morocco

Road trip – Morocco


Beginning of 2015, I did a pretty awesome trip! I went 2 weeks in my Morocco with a… OLD 4L!

For those who have no idea what it looks like, I will show you:

So, the concept is that students from Europe travel to Morocco and bring humanitarian ressources (books, food..) for children and the goal is to drive there ONLY with a old 4L. It’s pretty big because we were about 1500 cars to start this adventure (and it is 2 people per car)

Here is the itinerary we have done:

It was pretty amazing to sleep in a tent in the middle of nowhere, or ride a camel in the desert!

My best memories:

  • Merzouga and the camel Ride
  • The “zouk” (market) in Marrakesh
  • Swim in a lake in Essaouira
  • Stop in the desert, with NO ONE around and 5 mins later, someone arrives on a little bike. I still wonder where does he come from.
  • Eat couscous or tagine EVERY DAY. It is a special dish from Morocco with some couscous, chicken, sausages, vegetables and sauce.
Pictures are better than words, so I let you travel with me…