Restaurants in Linköping

Restaurants in Linköping

One of my biggest passion is FOOD. I love food so much, I guess it’s because I come from France and it is a HUGE part of our culture, but I am really interested into it! I am actually thinking about reconverting myself as a food critic! So if you are looking for a restaurant in Linköping, here is my recommandations: 

  • Swedish food 

Storan: It is a classy restaurant, pretty expensive, you will find typical swedish dishes.

Gula huset: “Husmanskost” restaurant as they say in Swedish, it’s basically super basic swedish food such as meatballs and mashed potatoes. I recommend it just for the exotism of this experience.

Brasserie Bouquet : It is a good brasserie with typical swedish food and some fancy drinks.


Rico: It’s definitely one of the best restaurant in Linköping, if you like meat! it’s only open during the nights but the food is high quality.

Johannes kök: I will recommend this restaurant only if you go more than 4+ people, so you can try the “sharing dish”. It’s a bit expensive but you will get good quality meat.

Asian food 

Jade restaurant: buffé asian, good food, good quality.

Hey lucy: Asian fusion food. I have been only two times, the first time was amazing, the second time I was a bit disappointed, the food was fat, I did not appreciate it as much. It worth to try, but I might not go back

Yellow fellow: Lunch buffé, nice service and good food!


Sushi Yama: Franchise, ok sushi, I usually don’t go there!

Little Tokyo: Best in town for quality/price! It’s definitely my best restaurant in town

Iki by Shin Nori: Really good sushi, a bit more expensive, I go only for special occasions. They also have a food truck called Yatai


Pappa Grappa: Really good service, good food!

1854: I recommend only the pizzas there!

Le borgate: Best pizzas in town so far! amazing restaurant but needs to book it before! it is always full! You also may take away the pizzas!


Flott: Really good burgers!

Taket: Good burgers and really good cocktails!

Kebab/fast food

Falaful huset: they have the best shawarma in town!

Cok najs: doner, really goood!


Grekist och gott: really good and big portions!


hawaiian poke linköping: New place that recently opened, I tried, it is good, I am not dreaming about it every day, I tried pokéball for the first time in US, and it was really amazing!


Merwah: buffé, I like it because it has so much choices! I never tried for a dinner!


Varanasi: Good food!

Funny concept

Pinchos: It is a restaurant with only tapas, and you order everything via an app.