Is Sweden an expansive country?

Is Sweden an expansive country?

Before I move to Sweden, I heard a lot of things about “Sweden is an expansive country”.

The answer to this question is “IT DEPENDS”.

  • Haircut: min. 60€ long hair for a girl – 45€ short cut for boys
  • Restaurant for lunch 10€ for one person
  • Restaurant for dinner 30€ for one person
  • Beer at the bar (50cl) 8€
  • Clothes/fashion: same as France
  • Grocery store: 80€ for 2 people for a week
  • Cinema: 16€

Services are more expansive than France, especially for hair dressers. The reason is that they have taxes and they need to have of course everything is counted by hourly rate.

Salaries are higher than in France, that’s why the life does not seem as expensive as it is.