17th of March in Oslo

17th of March in Oslo

Norway, this country is so similar to Sweden but also different at the same time (logical? yes I know!)

I visited Norway twice, the first time was during the celebration of the 17th of May. It is a pretty BIG deal there, it is the national day to celebrate their independence, but I would say it is much more than a NATIONAL DAY, it is the day where everyone gather together and celebrate the fact of being a norwegian. If you want to know more about the history of this day, you can go there.

First of all, they have special customs, girls have dresses and it all depends where your family comes from, it is amazing to see every dress like that.

Then, you start the day with a “champagne breakfast” (Well, go big or go home), you do some games/talks… 11am, it’s time to parade and go into Oslo city! You better not want to lose your friend, because almost everyone is dressed the same! And that’s what you will do all day.. walk into the city, eat and discover so many beautiful aspects of this day!

Here is some pictures of Oslo: