Road trip – Sud de la pologne

Road trip – Sud de la pologne

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It was the first time I was visiting Poland, and I did not know what to expect.

We flew with Ryanair from Skavsta to Krakow and we rent a car at the airport. We did a mistake to not book it before and we have to wait. So I recommend you to book before even if it was low season!

Day 1: Visit Krakow, super charming center with beautiful historic monuments but it was snowing and really cold. We spent time drinking hot chocolates!  We stayed at Angel Hotel in the center, super clean and nice breakfast!

Day 2:  Auschwitz, it is such a horrible place but really interesting to visit, to be aware of the sadness of what happened. We slept to an awful hotel, I don’t recommend it at all. The heater did not work, it was cold and the electricity did not work also and super expensive for Poland. The hotel was

Day 3: We went to visit Zakopane. It was snowing and so beautiful, we had a lunch with a view of all the village and we stayed at one wonderful hotel that I highly recommend : Hotel Kopieniec Fizjo. Wonderful view, the hotel with SPA and a glass shower was stunning!

Day 4/5/6: Come back to Krakow, we stayed to a wonderful hotel in the center with Spa. We visited more the city, we walked through the city to not miss so much. We also tried the BEST sushi in Krakow: Youmiko Sushi. We also really liked Introligatornia Smaku

Day 7: Visit of the Christmas Market and try different typical dishes from Poland. They do have lovely food. and then Time to come back to Sweden!

Grèce – Crète

Grèce – Crète

Crete was the good compromise, lots of things to do, to visit. We really like to NOT stay at the beach all day!

  • When? August 2017
  • How long? 11 days
  • Accommodation? Hermès appartement – Stalos
  • Car? Yes! for 6 days!

Day 1&2: Stalos – Chania / we spent 2 days just to chill at the hotel and at the beach! We ate delicious food, I have to say that Greek food is one of the best! I really really love it! It is better than French food (I did not say it so loud) We also took the bus into Chania center – we had a walk there, it was really hot and lots of tourists! Be aware of that during August


Day 3: Balos – Falassarna / it was my birthday! We pick up the car and drove to Balos! it was FANTASTIC! it is like a paradise! We took the car there and it is around 15kms of drive in the mountain with a really shitty road! Check with your rental company if you are allowed to go there, because sometimes it is forbidden! When you arrived on the top of the mountain, you have to walk maybe 20 mins, and it was really hot (40°C)! It was tough to go there but the view is priceless! You can also choose to go to Kissamos and take a boat there! I would recommend you to do this option! ? We also visited Falassarna Beach! Really cool too but it was lots of tourists!


Day 4: Kourtaliotiko Gorge – Preveli beach – Lake Kourna / We woke up early to drive down to Preveli beach with a stop at Kourtaliotiko Gorge! It is super impressive, massive mountains! This is the “must to see” in the western Crete!


Day 5: Elafonissi. THE BEST, super impressive beach! Full with tourists but it was amazing, it was the best day, the water was crystal and you could see so many cool fishes, the beach is pink so it is really unusual. Bring a cooling bag with sandwiches and enjoy yourself there!


Day 6: we stayed around Chania and just drove around, stop by nice beaches!


Day 7: Kissamos and the surrounding / we found nice places to go snorkelling! Kissamos is not so touristic so it was really good place to snorkel and we had a a typical Sea food tavern! Amazing!


Day 8: Chania /We did a Boat trip with Captain Nike! Well, this was also super touristic and long so I would not recommend it! It is fun but it is too long and too much people! I was a bit bored and feeling a bit seasick! You go around 2 small islands and they show you the “kri-kri goat” and then you stop an hour to a tinny island to snorkel! Yeah it was fine but don’t worth the price! I would prefer stay one more day at Elafonissi for example.

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Day 9/10: Beach – Chill around Stalos and Chania

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Good to know.

  • Renting a car is not expensive and it is highly recommended. You will see so much more than staying at the beach close to your hotel.
  • Greece is really touristic and really warm in August. I would recommend to visit it during May-June and September-October
  • We decided to not go to Samara Gorge due to the weather, it would have been too hot.
  • Chania is a good place if you want to drive around and visit as much as you can! But I would also recommend to go to Kissamos because it is cheaper with less tourists.
  • Link to the video:

If you would like advise on restaurants, you can just comment this post 

Road trip en Croatie

Road trip en Croatie

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We went for a couple of days in Rijeka. We live close to an airport and they have different flights to Europe, and one to Rijeka.

Accomodation: We were staying at the Botel Marina in Rijeka

Day 1. we arrived during the afternoon, we rented a car and went straight to a small city called Krk on the island of KRK. It was wonderful and super warm. The really good point about our travel was that it was during april and we did not have so much turists! We spent the night in the boat. The room was ok, it was unsual to sleep in the boat!

Day 2. We went to Plitvice park! Super impressive

Day 3. Zagreb

Day 4. Rijeka

Day 5. Krk island and come back to Sweden

Recommandations: I would recommend you to NOT book the same hotel. You should do a road trip around Croatia and change cities. Of course, if your goal is to relax then stay to one hotel close to the beach Rijeka is really industrial city! You should probably find a nice hotel on the Krk island

Saint petersbourg – Russie

Saint petersbourg – Russie

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I have done a little trip in Russia in 2015 and I went with OPEN RUSSIA. It is cheap and it is really good to go with a guide in Russia because otherwise I will not be able to see everything I did I think.. and they don’t speak English, so it is a little bit more complicated.

I left Stockholm by boat to go to Helsinki for a day and then took the boat again and arrived in St Petersburg. The point to go by boat is that you don’t need any visa if you are only staying 72hours.

We visited lots of things and it is was super tiring but worth it to do.

  • Hermitage Museum
  • St Isaac Cathedral
  • St Catherine Palace
  • Kazan Cathedral
  • Church of the Savior on Blood > the best to me

Everything is WONDERFUL and really different from Europe country but I strongly recommend you to go with a guide ?